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David’s love of wood began at a very young age where, as a toddler, he would sit in a corner and construct his “masterpieces” with small blocks of wood, a hammer, and some nails.  That love of wood has evolved into a passion for combining the beautiful features of North American woods with exotic woods to create functional and decorative pieces.

Spalted maple forms the focal point in many of his boxes. Cutting open a block of spalted maple  is always a surprise; never knowing what one will find, but often being rewarded with Nature’s beauty.  This beauty is then “framed” with exotic hardwoods, chosen for complimentary colours and patterns.

David will always have a passion for wood. He loves the way it looks, feels, and smells. He hopes that his passion has translated into creations that surprise and delight the senses of the viewers. David also hopes that his work facilitates in them a deeper appreciation for the natural beauty of wood, especially the hidden treasures which are often undiscovered