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As a result, The Northern Artist Gallery was incorporated as a not-for-profit organization which currently boasts over 50 member artists from around the North. In an effort to exhibit, promote and sell member artists' work in an attractive and professional gallery space, Artists on Elgin was established.

Our mandate is...
To increase public awareness of visual arts and craft activities in Northern communities.

To support and encourage public involvement in visual arts and crafts activities including the production of arts and crafts objects, utilization of arts and crafts objects and sponsorship of arts and crafts activities in daily life.

To support artists and craftspeople by providing high quality gallery space, education, development of mutually beneficial partnerships, advocacy promotion and opportunity for sustainable employment.

And to contribute to the development of creative communities (clusters) in visual arts and crafts and thereby contribute to the cultural and economic well-being of the northern communities in which the artists and craftspeople live.
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