Medium: Sewing and Quilting

collaborate cyklokapron price Sewing and quilting has been a large part of Fran Holland's life for over 30 years. As a teen making her own clothes, she had a lot of scrap fabric and decided to make a quilt using a pattern she had found in Chatelaine magazine. The quilting bug had bit her. Upon her graduation from the University of Guelph, she enrolled in quilting classes for fun. One thing led to another and to date she has made over 70 quilts.

The most enjoyable part of the quilt making process is to choose the colours and fabrics and to see the magic that is created. Her quilts have been selected for raffles to raise money for several charities and have won awards at Quilts on the Rocks and the Waterloo Festival.

Sewing is a passion that turned into an entrepreneur ten years ago when she began a home-based sewing school. It is very rewarding to be able to share her knowledge with children and adults during weekly sewing and quilting lessons.

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