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The Capture Sudbury photography project comprises of 150 images of the Greater Sudbury region in celebration of Canada's 150th anniversary. There are images taken by locals for all seasons, of famous landmarks, and even some of the quirky aspects of our city, such as our murals and roller derbies. 

From over 800 submissions, jurors and public voters selected 150 photographs to be printed as postcards and large format posters. The prints feature the local photographer's name and the title of their photograph on the back.


Item(s)                                                          Price                   
1 postcard $2.00 each
3 postcards $5.00 for 3
1 poster at 24" x 36" $50.00 each

1 poster at 24" x 36"  *laminated

$57.00 each


The Capture Sudbury project began as a photography contest open to any member of the public. The photos were required to represent the Greater Sudbury Area and could be taken at any point in time - as long as the photographer took the photo or has the rights to the photograph. The project received an overwhelming positive response as Artists on Elgin received over 800 images. In an effort to capture the diversity of Sudbury, photos could be submitted in the following categories: historic, landmarks, people, culture, nightlife, sports / activities, daily life, nature, and "We Love Sudbury". After a series of public voting and a call to local businesses / sponsors to select their favourite images, a final 150 photographs were selected. The participating organizations included: The Art Gallery of Sudbury, Vale, Pat and Mario's, The Sudbury Arts Council, KICX 91.7, and Nickel Acme Printing.

On July 1st, Artists on Elgin launched the images at the Downtown Market in the form of postcards, as well as posters. These unique images of Sudbury can be sent around the world or cherished on the walls of homes. The images are now available at our shop on 168 Elgin Street in Sudbury, ON.
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