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Medium: Photography
Robert Burton was born in Arnprior , Ontario and raised in Rouyn Noranda, Quebec. He moved to Sudbury in the 1970's to work in the mines. Robert has been interested in photography since childhood. His photographs have been published by the Museum of Civilization in Quebec City, Vital Signs, and in the book entitled Mine Mill Fights Back, based on the Mill Strike by CAW Local 598 in 2000. He is self-taught and believes that a photograph is a moment turned into a memory.

"My photos freeze time and space into a permanent memory. I love photography. It helps me communicate without words. My eyes are always on the lookout for something to photograph. The way that light and shadow work together to create form, depth and patterns or how certain elements come together in a composition. I'm also on the lookout for something that is different in the everyday, a different point of view to show in my photos to others that they have not seen. When I press the shutter, I have captured that moment to become a memory for me and to be shown to others, hoping that they see it the way I see it and appreciate it the way I do."