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Medium: Photography
John Kurczak first started photography as a hobby in his teens, and was later renewed when his curiosity was sparked by an interest in digital photography. In 2003, John purchased a digital camera and pursued his interest in digital photography based on hands-on, self-learning. John joined Artists on Elgin in 2003 where his work is currently featured. His work was exhibited by the Sudbury Arts Council in 2003/2004. Digital photography allows the artist to control the processing of images from the original photo to the final print by way of colour and vibrancy. This process allows the artist greater freedom to create his artistic vision. Challenges include the use of light to implement lines, shapes, form, texture, pattern and colour to produce powerful compositions.

Oftentimes, the end result of John's work is a photograph that appears much like a painting. John's inspiration comes from the dazzling natural beauty of Mother Earth wherein he enjoys filming birds, animals, landscapes and abstract nature. John is also influenced by the works of Tom Thompson and the Group of Seven.