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Medium: Photography
Jamie Ruddy's interest in photography began in high school. He studied cinematography at Humber College in Toronto. His skills as a photographic artist continue to evolve through workshops and self-teaching. Since 2004, Jamie has exhibited his photographs at various venues in the City of Greater Sudbury. Prior to 2004 he participated in the Sudbury Arts Tour. He is also involved with various arts organizations and projects which promote art within the community. Jamie is available for commissioned photographic artwork, commercial photography assignments and portraiture. buy cheap clomid in uk Personal Statement
I am a self-declared misanthrope with humanitarian tendencies. I try to emphasize the positive but am occasionally tempted by the dark forces. I am neither a leader nor a follower. Sometimes I travel the well-known path while other times I veer off into unfamiliar territory. I use the medium of photography for artistic, creative expression. My creative process emanates from historical and current events, old and modern technologies, natural occurrences, man-made events...
Presently, my pursuit of photography as an art form includes film and digital technologies. My favourite area of photographic creativity involves the use of Polaroid films to produce 'emulsion lifts' and 'film manipulations'. Urban and rural landscapes are preferred subject matter.

My approach to capturing photographic images varies. Sometimes considerable contemplative thought and planning is given prior to the onset of a photographic project. At other times, photographs are taken as an immediate reaction to an emerging opportunity. I maintain a similar approach to the post-production of my photographic images in that sometimes an image may be processed to a finished print quickly, or it may be left dormant awhile, revisited and perused by me many times before it is made into a print. A finished photographic image will often appear as abstract or surreal, defying the conventional appearance of a photograph.

To view more of his images, please visit his website.