buy accutane online uk Doug started showing his photographs in the early eighties by entering various calls for submissions for Northern Ontario artists, often put out by the Laurentian Museum and Arts Centre in Sudbury (LUMAC is today the Art Gallery of Sudbury). He had his work on display in several joint exhibitions with other photographers and once with the abstract painter John Haynes. All his photographs at this time were done in black and white and he did all of his own printing, mounting and framing of work. In the early nineties certain changes in his life caused him to drop out of the art community and stop showing his photographs. 
Although it would be nearly 30 years before Doug's next show, he never gave up photography and continued to use his digital camera almost daily. In 2007 Doug purchased a digital camera and began once again to work in colour, as by this time he no longer had access to a darkroom. The transition back to colour took a little effort but as he learned this new world of computers and printers and working in daylight, Doug realized he liked looking at the world in colour again and it has become a key element in the photos he takes to exhibit."

Doug exhibited 'Canvases of Metal and Wood', an exhibition exploring the relationship between train cars and graffiti at the Leamington Arts Centre in early 2015. "I move in close to show only parts of the graffiti and the car they are sprayed on. The graffiti then become colourful abstractions interacting with and playing against the more formally arranged elements of the car they are painting on, over all of which the slow depredations of time and usage impose their own colours and contours. I approached my subjects with no preconceptions allowing both my feelings and intellect to guide my eye."