Medium: Painting

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Paddy O'Sullivan grew up in Timmins, Ontario, and has resided in Sudbury since 1978. He studied at Laurentian University where he received both an undergraduate degree in Physical and Health Education and a graduate degree in Human Development. Prior to pursuing art as a key activity in his life he spent seven years developing an international practice as an organizational development consultant, facilitator, and coach.
He began painting in 2002. One of his goals is to help corporations create more soulful workplaces by surrounding workers with art that touches the minds, hearts and spirits of people in the workplace. He is committed to bringing creative experience to the workplace and igniting creativity in other.
His paintings are hanging in private corporate collections in the Scotland, France, Saudi, Arabia, the United States and Canada. 
Studio visits are by appointment.

"From the simple shape of a flower or the forming of the cosmos, nature has a way of expressing itself through colour and form that allows it at times to assume identifiable structures, textures and shapes. Sometimes these forms last only momentarily like the forms that are expressed in an aquatic environment or in the gaseous forms of outer space and at other times these forms, like in the case of a flower give us a longer lasting sense of permanence. However, all of nature is in motion. Nature shows herself to us through her energy cycle that allows for continuous creation and transformation. Some of her moments of creation and transformation last longer than others. All we need to do is to be open to her wonder and use our senses and we will see her reveal herself.

My approach to connecting and expressing nature through my painting is primarily with acrylics on canvas and one of my favourite tools is a palette knife. Some of my paintings are begun on an easel, others on the floor. Almost all of my paintings are finished on the floor or on a raised surface in which I can move in a circle around my work.

I use a generous application of acrylic paint and I am drawn to using an impasto application more than any other. Recently, I have begun to explore using this technique on larger surfaces. I am intrigued by the comments that people have made referring to the power and energy that they feel in many of the paintings."

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"In the last 24 months I've invested time in creating Altered digital images on metal, Sacred images on wood, Celtic Images on stone, canvas and wood and Abstract images on canvas and wood.

In August of 2014 I spoke at the Mobile and Digital Art Conference in Palo Alto California. My talk was on exploring new mediums for creation. Following this presentation I began creating digital art and out putting those images on metal. Since that time I have had two exhibitions one at Artists on Elgin and one win Whistler B.C.

I've always been drawn to sacred images and symbols from other cultures. I had an inquiry around doing a commission for a Buddha Hand. The commission never came through but I was so inspired by my research around Buddha Hands that I began painting them.

Another sacred image I have created is an excerpt from the Koran that I came across years ago and loved the ancient Arabic script and message so I rendered that images on wood. One gold on blue the other gold on red.

Last year I had the opportunity to visit Ireland. This was my second visit and I was very inspired by viewing the Book of Kells and the fine calligraphy and Celtic images rendered in this very historical text. I decided I would attempt to render Celtic images I was drawn to on stone gathered in the Sudbury area and from Georgian Bay.

If you are interested I delivered a TEDx talk back in 2013 on self expression and creating.
TEDx talk link: "Expressing and Liberating our Creative Self: Paddy OSullivan at TEDxYouth@NickelCity 2013"

On the community front I chaired a Sudbury Arts Council planning group for a project called Artsjunction. This project is exploring the possibility of creating an artist's live/work centre in the downtown core. See Facebook: Artsjunciton Downtown

Individual Creative Coaching: Paddy has begun personal creativity coaching for individuals looking to explore self expression through visual art and for self development. Visit his new website 

For more information about Paddy O'Sullivan's artwork and his creative coaching, see the links below.