cytotec precio Medium: Ukrainian Egg Painting
Matt is an artist specializing in the ancient Ukrainian art of "painting" eggs. The traditional method is similar to "batik".  An outline of hot wax, the egg dipped in various colours and waxed over. Afterwards the wax is removed, polished and hollowed, leaving a unique art piece.

 buy lasix furosemide Being raised in a traditional Ukrainian household, she was exposed to this art at a young age, and has perfected her skills over many years. Interested in the history of the art, Matt worked with her father to delve deep into Ukrainian mythology and history to discover the meaning of each colour and shape.  The finished egg telling a story.

Through her research and years of experience, she has become a master at the ancient Ukrainian art of painting eggs. 

In ancient times, this egg painting was typically done in rural areas where people lived in small Ukrainian village houses. They made painted eggs in late winter or early spring period, when there was not much work in the fields and families were communally very close. 

This ancient art continues and is now a modern art that produces brilliant, wonderful artistic creations.

Each represents something different, and is a great, easily preserved yet delicate art piece that adds a mystical and intriguing focal piece to each home.

 The process is very delicate, and takes a long time but the results last for years and provides a truly one of a kind piece of art.