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Medium: Painting

Born and raised in Sudbury, Mullola continues to pursue her life-long passion, painting daily from her studio on Long Lake. As an active member of the Sudbury Artist Community for 20 years, she has held a number of solo exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions in Sudbury, Manitoulin Island, and Elliot Lake. Mullola's work has received numerous awards from The La Cloche Juried Art Show. She has participated in The Sudbury Studio Tour, The Sudbury Art Gallery Local Arts Program and is a member of Artists on Elgin/The Northern Artists Gallery. Her paintings can be found at The Art Gallery of Sudbury, Artists on Elgin, and online at Artists in Canada and Xanadu Gallery. 

The ever-changing seasons of the beautiful, and at times harsh Northern Ontario landscape, are the inspiration for Linda's paintings.  She begins each acrylic painting on a toned canvas or gesso board, layering thin washes and gradually building up to more opaque paint as she progresses towards the completion of a painting. 

"With all the beautiful and unique scenery around us, deciding on a theme for this show was not very difficult. I enjoy painting local scenes that create the feeling of 'being there' for the viewer. Whether it's the actual location, a memory or an emotion, connecting with others through my paintings inspires and motivates me."

See more of Linda's work at