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Medium: Painting
Ellen Gorecki's earliest memories of painting go back to primary school and the joy she felt in creating a painting that delighted her teacher. Her ability to shine in art was evident throughout those early school years. Ellen was very disappointed with high school as the rigid curriculum denied her any opportunity to take art classes. In those days the art world did not exist for everyone. Nevertheless, Ellen's desire to create, draw and paint never went away. Ellen went on to teach elementary school and enjoyed sharing her artistic nature and helping to develop an art curriculum. Years later she met a group of artists who would get together to paint. The exciting world of painting with watercolour was introduced to her and she never looked back. Ellen painted, exhibited her work, took workshops with experienced watercolour artists, taught watercolour painting and painted even more. you could check here "There is something frightening and yet exhilarating about facing that pure, blank sheet of paper and watching it transform into artwork that gives you pleasure and satisfaction. It is a thrill to know that hundreds of your creations grace the walls of people who share your vision."