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Medium: Painting
Surrounded by the pristine wilderness of Northern Ontario, Colette Theriault's inspiration comes from nature itself, as it represents a canvas in perpetual motion.  Colette's background in biology coupled with  a deep love and respect for the natural world has helped shape the artist she is today.  

Entirely self-taught, this award-winning artist from the Valley East area of Greater Sudbury captures the essence of her subjects using soft pastels on archival suede or sandpaper. She often finds herself experimenting with colored pencils but also enjoys the more traditional mediums of graphite pencils.  A perfectionist by nature, it takes Colette countless hours to create her finely detailed works in a photo-realistic style as she meticulously draws or paints her subjects with utmost attention to detail.

Colette has artwork commissioned from clients across the United States and Canada through her website. A recent project involved the U.S. Pentagon (K-9 Detection Division) in Arlington, VA. When not working on pet portrait commissions, she is always compelled to draw or paint wildlife and nature.

For several years, Colette has been showing her work publicly through a number of the SAC’s biannual art shows as well as numerous solo and group shows. Her work has also been accepted in various juried art exhibitions such as La Cloche and NOAA, with several paintings earning awards. Colette's  latest achievement has seen her work accepted into The Pastel Journal's Pastel 100 International Competition as well as the 2012 Annual Exhibition of Nature In Art which featured works from top wildlife artists and conservationists around the world including Canada's renowned Robert Bateman. 

Colette is a  signature member of the prestigious Artists For Conservation, a world renowned international organization dedicated to the celebration and preservation of the natural world. Additionally, the artist is also an active member of the Northern Ontario Arts Association, The Sudbury Arts Council, the Sudbury Art Club, The Consolidated Artists Group of 7s and Artists on Elgin. 

Due to numerous requests from fellow artists, Colette occasionally devotes time teaching workshops to individuals and local/regional art clubs demonstrating the pastel and graphite techniques she uses to create her finely detailed portraits.

Check out her recent solo exhibition video at Artists on Elgin:

You can reach Colette through her website at