Medium: Painting
Carole Rodrigue is an award-winning artist from Sudbury, Ontario, specializing contemporary realism. Her main focus is still life although she will paint other subjects from time to time.

Although she's had a lifelong passion for art and having started oil painting at age 15, it only since 2008 that Carole started showing her work publicly. A self-taught artist, Carole doesn't regard her ability to paint as a special innate talent, but rather something that she has worked at developing through continuous study of the old masters, as well as the new contemporary masters. Carole views learning as a lifelong necessity where art is concerned and strives to perfect technique as well as nurture creativity.

Although adept with other mediums, Carole's preference is oil. Carole creates realistic original art, which is enjoyed by several clients in Canada and the United States. Subjects that capture her attention are those that reflect interesting light, texture, and mood. Her still life pieces are known for capturing a dramatic element and interesting light, and those who view her art in person often comment on the feeling projected through the reflections and light she captures. Sometimes, Carole's paintings will tell a story, although you would be hard pressed to get an explanation from her. Carole enjoys leaving the viewer to interpret his or her own story. She finds these much more interesting and enjoys hearing what people see in her work. This viewer-interpretation allows a more personal experience with art without constrictions of a dictated meaning.

In the last few years, Carole has shown her works at the La Cloche Juried Art Show in 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2012. She has won awards in the Acrylics category in both 2nd and 1st place, and in the past had also been juried into the Northern Ontario Arts Association annual juried competition and show. In 2010, Carole had her first solo exhibition at Northern Flavours in Sudbury, Ontario, and as a former member of the Sudbury Art Club, she has also shown her work with their Spring and Fall shows from 2010-2013. In April 2013, Carole had her first solo gallery exhibit at Artists on Elgin in Sudbury, Ontario. She has also been written about in Simplified Living Magazine, and one of her works was also published in a book by Mural Mosaic for her collaboration in Le Cadeau du Cheval in 2008. In 2011, Carole was fortunate to have been juried into the prestigious International Guild of Realism, and she is a proud member to this day.