Medium: Painting
 Anita is a Northern Ontario artist who first started painting about 30 years ago. She started out photographing the natural landscape where she was always drawn to express the beauty of light and colour of the natural world. From there it was a natural progression into painting where she could make the colours as vibrant and varied as she saw them.

She started in oils and loved everything about them especially the richness of colour. She soon found out that it would take many years of studying the many aspects of painting that has brought her to where she is today. She also works in water colour, acrylic and pastel. Recently she has taken up plein air painting.

Anita joined The Walden Art Club in 2008 and then The Sudbury Art Club in 2012 and through them has had the opportunity to take many workshops with some great artists such as Sam Paonessa, John David Anderson, Atanar Dogan, Brian Atyeo and Vivian Ripley to name a few. There's always something new to learn when it comes to art so it never gets old. Anita has exhibited with these clubs in their annual spring and fall shows as well as being accepted into the NOAA annual juried show and the La Cloche juried show. She has also been teaching oil painting at Parkside Older Adult Centre for the past 3 years. She also has had quite a few of her paintings selected to be in the movie and TV series that have been filmed in Sudbury over the past year or so.

The greatest satisfaction for her is sharing her art with others, it's a way of connecting with others on a level that would otherwise probably not happen. She has met so many wonderful people because of it and for that she is truly grateful.