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Erin-blythe is a multi-media artist living and working on Manitoulin Island. Within her practice she has focused on textile designs in silk and natural yarns, interpretive watercolours, pottery, photography, and more.

Her current body of work explores 'naturescapes', pieces that combine natural items found on Manitoulin Island with haiku poetry. The 'naturescapes' consist of purpose-built frames with concave depressions or boxes in the center to hold the natural elements that she collects. These elements include shells, branches and driftwood, seed pods, dried fronds and fungi. The frame and inset boxes are covered in natural daphne fibre paper and the piece is completed when erin-blythe handwrites a unique poem, composed by herself, onto the paper.

Erin-blythe gives much thought to the titles of her pieces, sometimes taking days to enable what has, through the creative process, become more clear in our timeframe. Her representations are deliberately crafted to leave much to the viewer's imagination; the titles simply offer the viewer a starting point for contemplation.

Themes evident in her body of work include the interconnectedness of existence, intersecting relationships, calmness, and tranquility.

Erin-blythe reddie has exhibited her work at the Gore Bay Museum, Oriole Arts Studio and Gallery, and La Galerie du Nouvel Ontario. In 2014, she was Artist in Residence at Fish Point Studios at the Habour Centre in Gore Bay. She is a member of the Manitoulin Fine Art Association.