Artists on Elgin displays the work of over 50 artists. New work is brought in twice a month. This page will be updated regularly with a selection of new stock and pieces that have sold will be removed. To inquire about a piece please call 705-674-0415 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

IMG 7464  



Artist: David Solomon

Title: Mary

Price: $240.00

Medium: Varied Wood

IMG 7264




Artist: Paula Walsh

Title: Puzzle box, garlic keeper, vase

Price: $48.00,
$32.00, $45.00

Medium: Pottery





Artist: Maggie Nardi

Title: 6 Piece Bowl Set/Serving Dish

Price: $60.00/$35.00

Medium: Pottery




Artist: Linda Mullola

Title: Path to Sandy Cove

Price: $1450.00

Medium: Acrylic

IMG 7297  



Artist: Maggie Nardi

Title: Large Casserole

Price: $75.00

Medium: Pottery





Artist: Rosie Maddock

Title:Portrait of a girl

Price: $200

Medium: Watercolour Monoprint





Artist: Heather Wallingford

Title: Wine Glasses

Price: $15.00 ea

Medium: Glassware




Artist: Lee Prevost 

Piece: Embrace Yourself

Price: $850.00

Medium: Acrylic on fired clay





Artist: Anita Bunt

Title: Cards

Price: $8.00

Medium: Painting

IMG 5590




Artist: Anna Rancourt

Title: Off-White Runner (front), Blue & White Blanket (Double/Queen)

Price: $50.00; $225.00

Medium: Weaving/Textile

IMG 6402




Artist: Rosie Maddock

Title: Pillow 

Price: $35.00

Medium: Mixed Media (Fabric designed and stitched by artist)

IMG 6120


Artist: Pat Mertl
Title: Hand-Beaded Necklaces

Price: $18.00 (blue), $15.00 (black and gold)
Medium: Jewellery