Artists on Elgin displays the work of over 50 artists. This page is updated regularly with a selection of new work that is brought in twice a month.

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Artist: Pat Mertl


Title: Pumpkin Hanging


Medium: Textile

Artist: Paula Walsh


Title: Harmony lantern


Medium: Pottery




Artist: Shirley Rose Cockburn

Title: Bear 5-17-736

Price: $800.00

Medium: Acrylic




Artist: Diane Béland

Title: Casserole

Price: $68.00, $78.00

Medium: Pottery




Artist: Linda Mullola

Title: Birch Grove

Price: $1250.00

Medium: Acrylic




Artist: Gary Moratz

Title: Pine Tree at Sunset

Price: $180.00

Medium: Fused Glass




Artist: Fran Holland

Title: Leaves Falling

Price: $165.00

Medium: Textile
%100 cotton




Artist: Hermina Herbert

Title: Cards

Price: $4.00

Medium: Photography




Artist: Maggie Nardi

Title: Wax Resist

Price: $22.00 each

Medium: Pottery




Artist: Maggie Nardi

Title: Butter Dish

Price: $28.00

Medium: Pottery




Artist: Bill Whittaker

Title: The Crack Killarney

Price: $595.00

Medium: Acrylic




Artist: Pat Mertl

Title: Bracelets

Price: $22.00 -35.00

Medium: jewelry



Artist: Rosie Maddock

Title: Love and Death

Price: $55.00

Medium: mixed media

Painted Wine Glasses

Artist: Heather

Title: Painted
Wine Glasses

Price: $15.00 each

Medium: Glass