June 23, 2016

Trish Stenabaugh
Presented by Artists on Elgin
July 2 - 28

Lost in the Organic Section is open to the public at Artists on Elgin for the month of July. The reception will be held on Saturday, July 9th, 2016 from 1 to 4 pm.

Trish Stenabaugh presents a collection of paintings, pottery, and jewellery in her upcoming exhibition at Artists on Elgin.

Stenabaugh explains the title Lost in the Organic Section. "The title for this show is a play on the organic quality and subject matter of the pieces, as well as how the show felt as it came together –like being that person in the 'organic' section of the grocery store, desperately seeking something to make you feeling better, but lost in the myriad of possible choices."

Stenabaugh has always been interested in nature –plants, specifically –which has become the starting point for much of her work. Intrigued by the plants and organic matter found in her garden or on the forest floor, Stenabaugh translates their textures and colours into both two-dimensional and three-dimensional forms.

"I hope the viewer is left feeling like they just spent the day wandering through and exploring a magical, wild garden" continues Stenabaugh.

Trish Stenabaugh is a multi-media artists working in Sudbury. In her practice, she works in paint and other dry two-dimensional mediums, clay (pottery), and jewellery made with various textiles, yarns, and beads. She also utilizes photography to document and abstract the organic bits that she collects.

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