Rosie Maddock exhibits at Artists on Elgin

Opening Reception will take place September 9th, 1-4pm.

Rosie arrived in Sudbury from the U.K. in 2009 after studying drawing, and art in design. Her recent work has addressed themes of childhood memory, nostalgia, loss, and transition. Her exhibit, “the unbearable lightness of being (a woman),” will feature paintings that were made over the last two years, and have become lodged between the narrative painting tradition and children’s illustration. They are likened to the pages of a picture book for grown-ups that reference fairy tales, religion, and renaissance and modernist art history in a mash up that holds a mirror to the diversity of the female experience.  

While exploring the myriad of stereotypes, gender expectations, archetypes, and stories showing women how they should (or shouldn’t) be, Rosie concludes, “We all have to find our way, carefully stepping between the junk and the nonsense to find our own best selves, with all our glorious, unique, human imperfections and possibilities.”

The body of work for her show began as a nostalgic look at the mundane and magic of childhood, but the idea developed into a larger narrative on domesticity and womanhood. Her opening reception is free to the public and will take place September 9th, between 1-4pm at Artists on Elgin. The show will run until September 28th. 

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