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Medium: Soapstone and Woodworking
Gene Solomon grew up in Shebanoning, also known as Killarney, Ontario, a quaint picturesque little village nestled between the white quartzite rocks of the La Cloche mountains and the red granite shorelines and shimmering crystal blue waters of Georgian Bay. A member of the Henvey Inlet First Nation, Gene now resides in Sudbury, Ontario.

His father, Art, was a boat builder, cabinet maker and woodworker who taught Gene how to build and repair cedar strip canoes, and make bowls from burls and tables from tree trunks. Gene carved his first walking stick at his camp on Bonanza Lake using only a pocket knife, a wood rasp and sandpaper. A friend of his introduced him to the art of soapstone carving, and medium he very much enjoys. He considers this a meaningful way of passing whatever time he has left on this earth.

You can be the judge and jury of his passion. Enhancing the natural beauty that surrounds us all, the finished product, whether it be wood, stone or canvas, reveals the spiritual force that lives within each piece for all to see, feel and enjoy.