Medium: Raku Pottery
Carol's work is divided between purely expressive pieces and design pottery. When forming her sculptural pieces, she combines thrown and coil built parts. Carol feels that coiling allows her sculptures to develop in ways not possible by pure throwing. Coiling also demands that much time be devoted to each piece, with the potential of making each one more precious.

The beauty of the form itself is central to Carol's porcelain raku pieces. Subtle variations in the curve or angles of the walls are carefully examined and redefined while throwing. Her pots are then altered, giving each piece a unique character. Applying terra sigillata and burnishing imparts a fine silky finish. Her aim is to achieve very delicate thin-walled pots, which have been described as eggshell-like. These pots are then raku fired. Presently Carol is concentrating on "naked raku" as well as using multiple colorful glazes.

For Carol's design pieces she is most intrigued with the bowl. Many of her bowls, which fire to a wonderful golden yellow, are decorated with clay that was found while canoeing on northern rivers. It is very exciting to experiment with glaze and firing possibilities offered by a gas kiln. Carol also makes very large altered wall pieces and is exploring the use of multiple layers of glazes and glass applied in a painterly way.