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Medium: Fused Glass & Jewellery
Barbara Edwards was born in Owen Sound, Ontario. She has been drawing and painting since an early age, with colour and light being the focal point of her interest. Glass soon became her media of choice and Barbara has been designing and creating her own unique stained glass designs since 1996. She continues to study and experiment with the many facets of working with glass, combing fusing and three-dimensional designs for original works of art. Her work demonstrates the hot fluidity of the glass and the ways in which it captures and influences sunlight. Barbara's work often includes themes of local wildlife and vegetation.

In addition to stained glass, Barbara also creates lampwork beads and fashions them into one of a kind pieces of jewellery. Her many experiences in the art field include setting up numerous art displays and organizing art shows, as well as the presentation and framing of art work.

See more of Barbara's work at