January 5-30, 2018

Featuring work by International artist, April Martin.

Opening Reception: January 6 1:00pm-4:00pm
Exhibit Running: January 5-30, 2018

Exhibiting for the month of January, artist April Martin creates innovative, and contemporary work embracing the scale of shared living, breathing, heating, and melting.

'Efflorescence' refers to a chemical state in which water interacts with a porous material, often architectural such as mortar plaster, or ceramic and it activates an embedded salt leaving behind a crystalline deposit. As a result of the wet process, salt blooms through the surface of the material, evaporating and staining its exterior. The ceramic works in Martin’s solo exhibit titled after this phenomenon, are modelled after industrial architectures from the recent past, where this ‘flowering out’ has marked cement silos and warehouses in cities the artist has called home such as Montréal
Chicago and here in Sudbury.
Born in Kenora and raised on Manitoulin Island, she is a recipient of The International Sculpture Centre’s Contemporary Sculpture Award as well as the Legacy Grant from Women’s Studio Workshop. Recently, she has installed outdoor works in Humboldt Park, IL, and Franconia Sculpture Park, MN as well as two exhibitions in Chicago, (Roots and Culture and ACRE Projects) and has performed at the Walker Art Center MN.

Artists on Elgin encourages and welcomes the public to an opening reception that will surely set the tone for the New Year.

*All opening receptions are free to attend so don’t be shy to drop by and spend the afternoon with us and our featured artist for this month!


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