When Pigs Fly
Featuring Brigitte Bere
September 4-September 28, 2018

Afternoon Reception: Saturday September 8, 1-4pm


It is said that when you ponder accomplishing something generally taken to be impossible, that it will only happen when pigs fly...The saying is telling us “that is impossible!” or makes us ask “Will it happen? Can I do this? Will I do this?” At the most extreme, we think “it will never happen for me!”

There is this idea then of the bridging between the possible and the impossible. This always intrigued Brigitte to the point where all she wanted to do was to take the saying literally. Therefore ... her pigs can fly. And, they always will.

These clay pieces are magical, and their magic is expressed in their vibrancy and lifelike demeanor. Flocks of pigs have been seen flying over the landscapes Brigitte paints with alcohol inks, and likewise her felted landscapes.

In lands of magical flying pigs, where anything goes, all might as well “be so!” Her works show bold reds, yellows and greens. Almost too bold? This collection simply says “if you thought it wasn’t possible ... you just didn’t know pigs can fly!”

Brigitte lives in and gathers much of her inspiration from Northeastern Ontario. Fly little piggies!







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