Walls, Windows, Doors
Casual Observations in Passing
April 2-30, 2018

Opening Reception: April 7, 1-4pm 
Featured Artist Talk: April 7, 2pm

The fifteen city photographs which will be on display represent much of Doug’s compilations since switching to a digital camera and the use of colour. Looking with no expectation, and leaving himself to the one chance encounter, many of these photographs are examples of the environs that calls his attention.

“For this show, I’ve limited my subjects to those things I most often see as I walk about-walls, windows, and doors. Usually, the older the better; the more used and character-ridden the more attractive I seem to find them”.

Artists on Elgin is welcoming the public to an opening reception which will include an ‘Artist Talk’ at 2pm where you can pose any questions you may have regarding the pieces and process to Doug’s photography. The exhibit will run from April 2-30.

*All receptions are free to attend so don’t be shy to drop by and spend the afternoon with us!