Travelling the North
Lauren Oliver
July 3-26, 2018

Evening Reception: Friday July 6, 5-8pm

This show encompasses the work of solo emerging artist; Lauren Oliver. Lauren’s artwork takes a very direct approach. Her images are straightforward and relatively simplified with a large portion of it being inspired by what she is feeling or experiencing at the time. To represent these emotions and experiences, she uses clear, literal, and readable images.

For this exhibit, she has chosen to use acrylic paint mixed with a high gloss medium. She uses acrylic because of the diverse colour palette and depth. The gloss medium adds texture and depth to the image. Additionally, all of these paintings are referenced from photographs Oliver has taken in Northern Ontario.

“The north is under appreciated [and] I would like to showcase its natural beauty through these paintings which are focused on the natural landscape of Northern Ontario”

Artists on Elgin welcomes the public to an evening reception that will highlight the talent of this new and emerging artist in our community! The exhibit will run from July 3-26, with the evening reception being held on Friday July 6, from 5pm-8pm. 

*All receptions are free to attend so don’t be shy to drop by and spend the afternoon with us!