Featuring Sydney Rose
July 30-August 31, 2018

Afternoon Reception: Saturday August 11, 1-4pm

This show encompasses the work of mixed media artist, Sydney Rose and her exhibition titled ‘Alone/Together’.

Alone/Together is a collection of mixed media works that explore ideas of isolation and intimacy as mechanisms for the human experience. From the solitude that comes with being a new mom, to the one-sided sharing of one’s personal life through social media. The fear of missing out. Settling. A longing to disconnect and break free of social constructs in search of independence and individual purpose. The desire for a deeper connection with another while being unable to overcome the boundaries of the self. 

Artists on Elgin welcomes the public to an afternoon reception that will unveil the deeper meaning of isolation and intimacy through a various combination of mixed media works. “We are together, and we are also alone”.

The exhibit will run from July 30-August 31 with the afternoon reception being held on Saturday August 11 from 1pm-4pm. 

*All receptions are free to attend so don’t be shy to drop by and spend the afternoon with us!